36333 I have recently procured a new program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which is supposed to dictate your spoken words for use in programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft office, Microsoft Excel, Firefox and various browsers, and just about anything else with keyboard shortcuts.

The technology is program provides is touted to be the best the industry has to offer in this price range.

Straight out of the box the program does a very decent job recognizing and dictating words. In my personal experience I would say that without training the program recognizes 50% of words spoken, give or take a few percent. While this is fairly impressive, it would not be very useful with such a low recognition rate.

Fortunately, it comes with a built-in word trainer that can boost the recognition rate up into the upper 90% range. The trainer provides you with a a few paragraphs of easy, medium, or hard reading material for you to dictate, which it then adapts to your user profile.

Personally, I find this program very useful-in fact I’ve written this entire blog post without touching the keyboard once!


For its capabilities in speech recognition, and it’s support for browsing commands, I give this program a….




While this program is very useful for the most part, it can get really frustrating when it mixes words up– like got, dot, and God– and you have to train each word individually.

Also, for people (like me) who can type 70+ words per minute, the program becomes nothing more than a spectacle of human technology– it’s very cool, but completely useless!


That being said, writing this blog post completely by voice was pretty fun 🙂

Below is a link to the NUANCE website where Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is sold– it is not an affiliate link!

[NUANCE- Dragon Naturally Speaking 10]

Until next time,

–Eric Stevens


A pet bowl designed and signed by the one, and only, JENNA FISCHER was sold on Ebay today for the OUTRAGEOUS price of $561.00!  [link]

jenna-fischer And– As if I needed another reason to LOVE Jenna Fischer– the proceeds went to the LA chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is the same organization

that I got my lab/collie mix puppy, Maximus Brutus, from.

Thank you, Jenna Fischer!

If you want to donate the SPCA, which allows otherwise doomed animals to lead long, happy lives, please visit this site.

Also, visit Jenna Fischer’s fan site HERE


Are Americans ditching their land-line home phones for cell phones? According to this article, yes!


According to Steven Musil over at CNET, the percentage of cell phone-only households has gone up nearly five percent since last year!

And that’s not all! According to his article, 13.3 percent of households who had both cellular phones and a land-line reported that they received most, if not all, of their calls on their cell phone!


The findings mirror those released by Nielsen Mobile in September that found more than 20 million households in America, or about 17 percent,

had dumped their landline service for cell phones. And the trend is expected to continue as more Americans feel the squeeze from the weakening

economy. Many see traditional phone service, which averages about $40 a month, as a household expense that can be cut, especially since more than

85 percent of the U.S. population own a cell phone.

More Americans cutting the landline cord [CNET]


Here is my question for you: Have you ditched your land-line service yet? And, if not, do you consider your land-line phone to be disposable?


–Eric Stevens